Underappreciated armour. [Lv 4] : 30% Chance to obtain a Spirit Sphere. When playing as Utiliy, always keep in mind to always be prepared to use Stun Poring whenever Nysori is about to use the Two Crystals. They excel at PvP and last hitting MVP. With DEX enchanted Str Soutane you can play around more with the build, you get access to strong Garments that boosts your Range Damage by a lot but at the cost of having low After-Cast Delay. Tenho uma build de Asura um pouco melhor: Asura Champion 80 str +20 60 int +16 99 dex +22 2 vit lol sobrou 3 pontos :-P equips Com morpheus completo + armor com porcelio card + angel wing ears + shoes com sohee 0.51 seconds asura, uma mace +10 com 4 cartas certas = 111883 de dano minimo no asura, com um bom cast delay. On this build I used the Leak Card because Elemental Attacks really hurt when you're using Deviling and I like the +5 int it gives. They are mostly known for their powerful skill 'Asura Strike' which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver. Usually used in PVP settings because of the 15 MDEF it offers. Also, the animation can be increased via Poem of Bragi skill from Minstrel. It is possible to use Hiding or a skill like it to evade a directly casted Asura Strike. Now pairing a good weapon to it would depend on what you specifically need, do you need sustainability? I recommend slotting an Essence of Evil VIT3 or Bungisngis Card for survivability, Nightmare Card or a Gemini-S58 Card for status immunity. Deadly Poison -1% chance of being inflicted, Burning = reduces chance of being inflicted, reduces duration by 0.1, Freezing = reduces chance of being inflicted, reduces duration by 0.1. Shiny Marinade Beef - Increase Str stat to 6 for 30 mins. For starters, from levels 100 - 140 it is better to stock up on ATK since your main damage dealing skill will be. They were looked down upon as "Power Mongers," but these Monks offered no excuses for their actions. PVP builds, all depends, some people like getting in 20-30 vit and sacrificing some int. Find a bar where you dedicate your combo skills. Thanks to Gentle Touch-Cure or 100 MDEF, you don't always have to use a Marc Card for PVP, however, if you do not have access to gear for getting 100 MDEF, it is highly recommended to wear a Marc when it comes to War of Emperium. Unfortunately, it is not slotted. Whichever you prefer is solely up to you. Recovers a really good amount of SP depending on your INT stat. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Monk. You can contribute a really high amount of DPS when you use combo Tiger Cannon but you must use leeching gears to survive. Offers 2% ATK and 2% MATK as well as +1 DEX. MAIN HP HEALING ITEM - HP Giggling Box . Due to having 120 STR to get the best effect from these boots, you can also use Glove of Shura for a massive attack boost using Asura Strike or combining it with attack percentage gear like Hero Ring (when enchanted) and Pendant of Maelstrom [1] for very hard hitting Tiger Cannon. Just remember that a high SP … Grooming removes this ailment to the user and Purring to the whole party. I've mentioned the stats needed to make the above builds shine so I'm making a list of items that are good for Sura and a brief explanation why they are good. This reduction is 20% times the level of Critical Wounds that inflicted it. Reach level 40 - 50 and move to Orc Dungeon. Gives 5% Max HP and SP and gives +10 to ATK. This skill really helps evade, lure and formulate formations that will make you and your party attack and defend efficiently. Knuckle Arrow is an amazing skill in the right circumstances. A solid headgear for tanking in Steel Body or just to wear to help mitigate damage while fighting bosses. After that, you should aim towards getting Tiger Cannon to level 10. If you have money to spend and have good equipment in your other slots, solid options for Sura are Angeling Card to reduce damage from the majority of common elements or Ghostring Card to lower the risk of other Suras killing you or reducing the damage from Hell Plant. The more level this skill gets the longer the window gets thus the easier to chain. não é aconselhado fazer essa build como o primeiro char (Foi meu caso T-T), afinal, todos estão cientes do gasto de mestres/monges pois precisam de muitos itens de SP, que sao muito caros… It is said that the faith of the acolyte is not only for the mind, but the path one walks must also be for the body. If you feel that Asura Strike is an issue for your character to survive, you can also use a Deviling Card card but only recommended for tanking Asura Strike. Places a buff on yourself allowing you to gain a Spirit Sphere when attacking or receiving damage at chance. Currently the best leveling headgear and one of the best for overall PVM. Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100)]% + Bonus_Damage + Target_BaseLevel × 40a. This stat affects the "melee" physical damage of the player. The main account is where my Sura is and the second account I make a Rebel. Obtained from the Cash Shop. Choose one of them depending on your stat priority, although Vit Glove [1] can be used as a defensive accessory all around. Casts multiple combo skills in rapid succession with bonus ATK. Make sure your character has Auto-Attack on. Impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force disconnection, and item usage. [Lv 1] : 6 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +3% Max HP, +3% Max SP, Duration 30 seconds. Try to focus on farming during this stage of level and in no time you will reach 145 in no time. When reaching level 85+ take the Gramps Quest from the quest board found on the top left corner of Eden. Max this skill if you want to do damage or leave it at level 5 or more if you plan to tank. Do not fret we Suras are blessed with a skill that restores SP in % form. [Lv 1] : +2% Max HP, +20 DEF, +80% HP Recovery. In my opinion, going over 120 in any base stat is a point of stat points that could be distributed more wisely and therefore I don't recommend going over 120 in any stats - ever. We cannot rely on a single build alone to farm efficiently compared to most classes, instead we adapt to become better. Downtime - one of the downside of Gates of Hell is that you would need spheres as ammunition and it is limited to 15 and you would need to reload your spheres to continue dealing damage. Has a chance to auto-cast Maelstrom which can protect you from ground targeted skills, however, the cast delay can hurt you in some situations. STR: 110-120; AGI: 1; VIT: 40-50+ (stun resist, higher health, more potion efficiency); INT: 20-40; DEX: 80-110 (skills can be interrupted easily during WoE - Asura Strike must be fast); LUK: 1; Weapons: Carded Mace, Chain A made to survive Monk build suitable for WoE under precasts. Can be useful for the food drops when killing brute enemies if you feel that you want some extra stats for free. Make sure to learn level 2 Warp Portal. Int-Vit-Dex.This is full support build. Upon joining a party, you will most likely reach max level before even completing the quest. Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Tiger Cannon > Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Gates of Hell > Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Gates of Hell > Dangerous Soul Collect Lv 1 > Repeat INT is to help with SP regen and giving you a nice SP pool to use the skill with. Click on [Warper Npc] and go to [Payon Dungeon]. Decreases Variable Cast Time You could also go with garments that increase both ATK and ACD(After-cast Delay) which is the +9 Fallen Warrior Manteau [1] . [Lv 5] : 10 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +7% Max HP, +7% Max SP, Duration 90 seconds. Does not give anything but a slot. Critical Wounds If the target is knocked into a wall or obstacle, they will take additional damage. Either you get 120 STR or 120 VIT. [Lv 2] : 700% ATK, 1100% ATK (If used after Earth Shaker). If Earth Shaker cannot one-hit-K.O. These drop from killing Undead monsters. With this skill it also increases your Dex and Int thus lowering Cast-Time. For every point of STR provides an increase in Weight Limit of 30 and Status ATK by 1. The bigger brother to the Carga Mace [2] , being a level 4 weapon and much more expensive. From here on out I suggest farming Gonryun to earn money so that you could slowly upgrade your gears. Placing points into STR increases the players damage(Atk). (This is 1 map above Geffen and 1 map right.). This status ailment causes the following effects: Silence Specialized Monk builds can be very efficient for MVP and WoEpurposes. Obtained from the Cash Shop. [Lv 6] : 1100% ATK, +900% ATK (If knocked into wall), 1700% ATK (Against Boss monster). Pro, Gates of Hell used to be limited to 3 - 5 uses due to the amount of spheres it requires, which you would need to use Dangerous Soul Collect to refresh your sphere supply. All DEF contributed by items is reduced by 50%. This skill has great synergy with Cursed Circle as it will prevent enemies around you from interrupting your cast or, verus players, from dodging the skill by using Hide. Recommended builds for Monk in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Asura: Str 112, Int 112 - Asura Strike, Critical Explosion, Spirits Recovery Steel: Str 75, Agi 75, Vit 95, Dex 49 - Steel Body, Spirits Recovery, Flee As starting players, I urge you to not depend on other players when starting this content. Priest's skill - Lex Divina, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly, Acolyte's/Crusader skill - Cure can undo the effect. Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100) + (STR × 2)]%. You might also need to change your Shadow Gears to Reload and Penetration just to get that extra ACD. Concealed enemies will take additional damage. To be able to leech HP/SP at a really high chance, you need to cast an AoE (area) skill at a very dense mob. I chose Crimson Mace [2] since most of the monster you are going to be killing are of Medium and Large sizes. [Lv 2] : 600% ATK, 0.5 seconds of immobilized status. The rest of the skill allocation is up to you. Added Damage (ATK) = [Knockback_Damage + (1000 × Target_CurrWeight ÷ Target_WeightLimit) + (Target_BaseLevel × 5) × (BaseLevel ÷ 150)]%. So this is why I recommend a different build for the earlier levels, since Fallen Empire is usually enough to kill individual enemies. Not slottable. Obtained from the Battlegrounds which requires you to be level 170 to participate in. My way of leveling my characters is to make two accounts. Spoiler tags will make this easier to navigate as it expands.First and foremost. Depending on your stat priority, you'll either want to use a Wakwak Card or a Jejeling Card in this garment. At +10 or higher it becomes an extremely strong weapon, but is on par with most other weapons until then. Mercenary's skill Tender can undo the effect. Gentle Touch-Cure (Sura) can recover from the effect. A powerful weapon at higher refines as well. Obtained from the Faceworm's Nest instance. In some circumstances where you need to adjust your stat build for some reason, you may need to use these potions again. This skills damage is increased based on the casters Base Level. With this in mind, DO NOT BE PICKY with the people who will be joining you, invite all those who are with no experience as you and you should all train together. Go back to the Left Warp area where you killed the, Go back to Geffen, and move to the North Warp portal. You can put any cards that you feel would benefit you in these. After your gramps run, you will likely reach max job and base level. Opting for Box of Gloom than bringing an Abusive Robe is better in more ways. Awfully Bitter Bracer - Increase Vit stat to 6 for 30 mins. However I could show you some ways you could counter this dilemma. I highly suggest going through this route when you have properly established your character, what I mean is that you have separate builds for farming and instancing which you can fallback to. The choice of gear composition will soley rely upon which you prefer, High Damage with Delay in Skill or Medium Damage with a Better Delay in Skill. Whichever of the two is fine. Builds STR/DEX WoE/PVP. Reach levels 20 - 30 before moving to a new map which spawns Poison Spores. (Use Red Lantern to swap between you accessories after casting Rising Dragon to attain a closer result to 100 SP.) This is the main Stat to decrease Variable Cast Time (VCT). Part of the WoE Robe set, used as defensive gear in PVP. Finally, Suras have gained one of the most debilitating debuffs in the game, Cursed Circle, which allows a Sura to prevent up to 14 non-boss type enemies from attacking or casting skills for 7 seconds. At this point you will be between level 39 - 42. If you think your DPS is slow, then you can spam Bomb Rings and Stun Porings to get Megatron Stack. Dropped from Satan Morocc and his weakened version. 7 Patterns of Justice Monk Tempest Rush push build guide, enjoy!. (More AGI and DEX the faster you cast the combos) Go to the Main Office [@go Main] > use all your skills > talk to the Class NPC > rebirth to High Novice etc. If you feel confident in your skills, you can try and solo gramps 145. These builds do not represent the BEST of builds but rather these are templates you can improve upon. Drops from Wraith Dead and Dark Priest. Go to Warper > Go to Glast Heim Castle > Go to the Top Right Entrance > Reach Max Level and also farm at the same time. I just want to share to you that having good costumes actually give you bonus stats. Sura is one of the best class to farm with for specific monsters, sometimes we do better than others and sometimes we fail to even do a proper farming run. Do not spam the enter key while talking to the board. This skills damage is increased based on the casters Base Level. This monk relies on the fact that Monks can be perpetually in Fury mode inside WoE and depend upon SP / HP items. This skill can not be used at the same time as 2348.png Gentle Touch - Revitalize. During your painful Firelock grind, you will become a Monk. [Lv 2] : 14% Max HP, 7% Max SP, 480 Bonus damage, 1000 Bonus damage (If used in combo). The only slotted middle headgear that drops from enemies. Once you receive the levels and exp from the 1st quest, press. Tiger Cannon, when used on its own or through Dragon Combo, will drain a percentage of your Max HP and Max SP. A gear with: With gears like these that mainly increase HP, then it would be best to focus on a build which uses Tiger Cannon and Flash Combo since these skills scales good on HP. I usually use Ring[1] + Mantis Cards because I was poor and didn't know Diabolus Rings had so much SP in them (or morpheus rings). Drops from Valkyrie. This is our identity as a class. Place Chain Combo Skill on the the first slot and change its behavior to (Turbo). But how do you get this much damage? A good alternative build for farming Geffenia if you do not get disoriented with the skill animation. Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100)]%. You will most certainly be using Champion Combos at these levels so using Knuckle type weapons are the better option for better Attack-Speed. Use this window to burst out your AoE skill before your Flee/Dodge stat disappears and take in tremendous damage. Although this is no longer the common build for Tiger Cannon, with this build you are still able to dish almost equal with the illusion gears with the freedom of choosing a better Garment to use. Relogin back into your character which will be probably at max level. These accessories are some of the cheapest accesssories in the game that also offer useful stats for Sura. This combo bonus does not work when used with Flash Combo. Champ you keep talking about leeching, I tried using tiger cannon on a monster but I did not leech any HP/SP? Base Damage is determined with the following formula; if the user is Acolyte, Archer or Mage Class. Teleport back to Geffen via [@go Geffen]. Damage is based on the following formula; If you cannot afford Illusion Armors then I suggest buying the Lava Armors. What makes this skill great is that it does not need for you to adjust your status build for it to have Instant Cast since it does not need one. With this build, you will not be reliant on Siroma Icetea and Warg Blood Cocktail since the headgear adds so much DEX stat thus making the build a much reliable and sustainable build. Obtained from the Cash Shop. (Quest in Old Glast Heim that requires you to kill Wraiths, and Evil Druids). Note: Combo Finish and Chain Crush Combo consumes Spirit Sphere so be sure to keep refreshing your spheres. To explain more specifically, once you lure a mob 10 monsters there is a small window of time you get once you stop moving before all the attacks of the 10 monsters hit you. [Lv 9] : 2350% ATK, 2.5 seconds of immobilized status. or with Gates of Hell in the Combo But doing the entire combo will give you twice the damage. (Buy in bulk using your merchant.).

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