Our diminutive black gems are like caviar from the vine.    

Wholesome, nutritious and delicious, the sun-kissed currants are sure to surprise your taste buds with their bursting, boisterous, bold flavour.

This currant variety demands endorsed attention. The impressive and exciting new variety of fruit has been developed by the CSIRO, a strain which has cultivated a natural resistance to downy mildew, a common disease in grapes.

As with all of our produce, our currants are organically grown. This variety suits our farming practices, as unlike other currant varieties, it does not require a hormone-based setting spray to encourage the vine to set its fruit.

Small, black and yet still ultra-sweet! They’re a great pantry staple, add to salads as is or first soak in a little balsamic or red wine vinegar.


Australian Certified Organic
Uses: Baking, Fruit Buns, Meals, Preserving, Salads
Categories: Dried Fruit