We believe in healthier living through healthier choices. Natural ingredients from organic sources are essential when creating highly nutritious and true taste. Our smallness is a strength, providing us with a capacity for meaningful integrity.

Small Scale

The farm size and scope permits for individual attention to the vigour of vines, trees or plants, which is complemented by a balanced dietary intake, derived from the soils pantry of biological microbes, minerals and nutrients.


Biodiversity provides eco-cultural balance. Over time, appropriate species selection has led to varieties suited to our land. Our plantings create a unique ecosystem, sustaining insects and predators in the way that nature intended.

Seasonal Produce

We embrace seasonal produce for maximum flavour and optimum sweetness. Specific areas are nominated for seasonal vegetable production, changing yearly engaging organic principles of crop rotation.

Local Packers

Our fruit is packed by a local third generation organic grower/packer. Employing ethical practices, they are packed free of artificial or chemical preservatives, entrusting the principles of community sustainability.

Personal Service

We deliver fruit in person whenever possible to maintain client relationships. The direct engagement permits a valued flow of ideas, prompts inspiration and quantifies our ethical passion.

Local Suppliers

We are passionate about supporting local business and believe in using locally sourced materials for all of our farming needs. This helps strengthen our neighbouring community and local suppliers.

Natural Ingredients

Only natural ingredients are used to embody and help the plants to overcome challenges that nature sends its way. Thus enhancing the flavour and nutrition of the food that is produced here.

Hands-on Farmers

Our hands-on process encompasses pruning, weed control and hand-picking. This technique follows through during the drying process, when produce basks under the Australian sun.