We are Frank and Pene.

Sun and soil lovers. Second-generation farmers. Passionate advocates for organic food.

Murray View Organics is located at Koraleigh, in the Central Murray region of New South Wales. Nestled in the shade of majestic Murray River red gums, our 15-hectare certified organic farm produces a variety of fresh and dried fruit products.

Our passion is for producing premium quality produce and caring for our dynamic farm.

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Our Story

In the 1940’s Frank's father purchased a 15 hectare parcel of land. A sandy hill covered with Mallee scrub, situated overlooking the Murray River. Thus he named the property Murray View. His work was cut out for him as he modified the Mallee scrub into an estate of productive farmland.

The family homestead was built by his own inclination, using locally available products, local timber, river sand and Mallee limestone. It took one trowel, two hands and a big heart, to build a house of conviction, a home for compassion, and the land with potential transpired.

Frank's father's passion for farming has bled into the veins of Frank's existence, intuitively happily guiding the 3rd and 4th generation along the fence line of farming resonance.

Workers Accommodation

Throughout the year there are positions for farm workers to relish the true farming experience including participating in fruit-picking, harvesting vegetables, irrigation work and learning about our time honoured tradition of drying fruit.

On-site, our farm has self-contained accommodation where workers can prepare and cook their own meals in the kitchen. Our postcode area allows for 2nd Visa Applicants. If you're interested in the farm experience see Wwoof and HelpX for more.

The farm hosts an extensive garden area for relaxing in or kicking a ball around. On hot days cooldown in the swimming pond that lies at the bottom of the garden. Evenings are for relaxing or lounging around the fire pit.

Honest Approach

We believe our customers deserve quality, wholesome and safe produce. Our credibility is endorsed by ACO with our certified organic status. Our personal delivery approach allows for a strong relationship between supplier and consumer.

When you purchase certified organic produce you can be guaranteed that what you’re consuming is free from injurious fertilisers and chemicals, as well as sustaining ethical farming practices.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

In addition to our repertoire of dried fruit, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables have secured a tenure for prominent marketing. Over the past half a century, many varieties have come and gone. Our choice of current varieties are consistent in production and aptly justify their purpose.