Enjoy our premium golden organic sultanas.    

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The sunmuscat is one of nature’s mysterious blessings.

Sunmuscat raisins are a delicious cross between of a sultana and a raisin. Unique to Australia, the combination gives them a mellow muscat taste. The delectable descendant of bloodstock has resulted in a true raisin flavour.

With a glowing golden tan, devoid of seeds and a reverend sultana appearance, it’s an irresistible combination that represents its Australian heritage.

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Our diminutive black gems are like caviar from the vine.    

Wholesome, nutritious and delicious, the sun-kissed currants are sure to surprise your taste buds with their bursting, boisterous, bold flavour.

This currant variety demands endorsed attention. The impressive and exciting new variety of fruit has been developed by the CSIRO, a strain which has cultivated a natural resistance to downy mildew, a common disease in grapes.

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Enjoy the delicious flavour of apricots all year round.  

Our apricots are grown organically on our farm and are cut, dried and packed on-site. We harvest the fruit at the peak of its ripeness so that the high sugar component of the fruit fully expresses the apricot flavour.

Using minimal amounts of sulphur, the drying process retains the colour and nutritional content of the fruit and ensures a long shelf-life. There is no need for refrigeration at low temperatures. Our dried apricots can be stored in a cool, airtight container for months.

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